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PGT Spring 2021 Programs

The Play Group Theatre brings you a season filled with magic...at the theatre, and in your own homes

The Play Group Theatre's inspirational programs have been adapted for in-person social distance, and online participation for Spring 2021!

Each Spring 2021 program is flagged as either

ONLINE: These programs will be conducted as fully remote programs. Building on the incredible success of our Summer 2020 Online Camp PGT and Fall 2020 programs, we have fully adapted these programs for the online platform. The PGT staff is prepared with challenging, fun, engaging content and an emphasis on community building. Read what our 2020 PGT parents have to say about PGT Online >>

HYBRID: These programs will have both an online and an in-person component. Please read each program description for more information. Hybrid programs are open to all students, even if you are unable to attend in person. Students will be able to participate fully remotely in these programs, so if you are not ready to be in the building, or if you are feeling under the weather on an in-person day, you can still participate in the in-person component via remote access. See our safety guidelines for in-person programs >>

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Programs This Season and Year-Round

Full length shows on the Virtual Stage

PGT brings you the excitement and immersion of a Mainstage rehearsal process in a new in-person/online hybrid program.
"All the world’s a stage..." and distance won't keep us from making one together, this season.

Meet the PGTV performance programs

Seizing the challenges of the moment, we'll use this opportunity to fully explore on-screen acting and introduce the idea of site-specific theatre, turning our own homes into cool, alternative performance spaces and PGT's stages into recording studios.

PGT's Spring 2021 Classes & Workshops

This season is the perfect moment to focus on filling your theatrical toolbox with new skills.
PGT's classes and workshops are both challenging and a blast! Designed with specially crafted content for each age group, classes and workshops provide a creative space to recharge with great friends and great teachers!

Customized Classes with The Play Group Theatre

These lessons, coachings, and workshops can be tailored to your schedule - what a great way to improve this crazy year!
PGT's Teaching Artists are ready to go whenever you are!

If you have any questions about which actor training program is right for you, you may reach Jill Abusch, Artistic Director, at (914) 946-4433 or by email at jill@playgroup.org.

Enroll Today

Join PGT this season and all year long. We can't wait to welcome you home!

At PGT, you will find every class and rehearsal to be a unique learning environment: an authentic arts experience that prepares you to be a truly creative, innovative, and compassionate artist... and human being! Our emphasis is on understanding the thinking process behind your work. We provide you with tangible skills and the necessary creative freedom to access your imagination and define your own artistic voice.

We work rigorously and joyously. We celebrate the seriousness of your art and the fun of childhood. This balanced approach will allow you to reach your full artistic potential, make meaningful friendships, find mentors who will guide you throughout your life, and create work that will change and grow as you do.

At PGT, we are more than just a theatre. We are a community of artists. We invite you to join us.

More about our teaching philosophy >>


Introducing the

PGT Spring 2021 Programs

Mix+Match Your Perfect Season

Choose from PGT's new and returning favorite programs to design your action packed season!

Spring 2021 at a Glance >>


The Buzz About PGT's Programs

New to PGT? Awesome! There's no easier place to make friends than PGT. You'll find your peeps here. Just take it from our students - and their parents - in the quotes below or see for yourself when you meet our Students in Action >>

"Kids love it! My son's first year and it is online — first time this summer he is up early dressed to get ready two hours too early. It’s so fun. My daughter loves it and tells stories from her last year’s experience in person. PGT has an amazing team!! The best." More 2020 parent quotes >>

"If I tried to sum up how my daughters’ lives have been enriched by PGT… well, I would have to say that it has been the single greatest life learning experience we have been able to give them." Full letter >>

"Simply put, PGT has taught me how to work hard in pursuing my passions, how to have the confidence and trust to put myself in a vulnerable position, and how to develop meaningful and lasting relationships. I am just so grateful." More student quotes >>


About PGT online from PGT Spring and Summer 2020 parents

You guys did an incredible job. I was amazed how you were able to matriculate to online so quickly with such a high level of quality. You should write a case study.

He loved being able to meet live with scene study and monologues this summer and has been enjoying the online format as well. You have been doing a great job at providing both and maintaining the happiness, fun, safety, and quality of your program! This cannot be easy and we are grateful to you for your thoughtfulness and diligence in reaching out to families and making PGT possible.

Kids love it! What an amazing experience for them even online!

Amazing! I feel like it really changed her life and instilled an early love of musical theater which has made me very happy :)

She is LOVING camp every day!! Thank you for giving her so much joy during this very difficult summer!

Kids love it! My son's first year and it is online —-first time this summer he is up early dressed to get ready two hours too early. It’s so fun. My daughter loves it and tells stories from her last year’s experience in person. PGT has an amazing team!! The best.

Nurturing and exciting!

The transition to YAE in March was seamless. This class was honestly the highlight of my son's week during such a difficult time for all.

PGT was a light in the darkness of quarantine for sure.

I appreciate the hard work and effort of each staff member to keep the kids busy and most of all entertained. The creativity that was put together to face the challenge of online theater camp to me is amazing.

What an incredible summer you put together. Thank you and your entire staff for bringing so much fun, joy, music and learning to our home. We are going to miss your "Woo Hoos" every morning.Thanks again and again!

What a great 3 weeks!! My daughter had so much fun. We are so happy to be a part of PGT at long last!

Thank you for a truly amazing virtual summer program. It brought my daughter such great joy every day to participate in the show rehearsals, morning meetings, awards and campfire activities!! The magic of watching her shine in performance was strong as ever!

Thank you for being so creative and managing to make PGT come so alive on a computer.

Safety Guidelines for In-Person Programs

We are very excited to include in-person programming in our schedule this spring, and can’t wait to get into the building with our students! It is important that all of us work together to ensure a safe and healthy space for everyone at PGT. Please read the important information below thoroughly. It includes NYS and PGT safety requirements for participation in PGT's in-person classes.


  • ~ Parents are responsible for screening their children for symptoms each day that they will be attending in-person programming at PGT. If your child has any symptoms or known exposure, please DO NOT attend in-person class or come to the PGT building. You will be able to attend class via Zoom.
  • ~ In the event that a student, or family member, tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must refrain from taking in-person class, or coming to PGT, for a minimum of 14 days or until a negative COVID-19 result is found. In the meantime, you will be able to participate in all in-person classes via ZOOM. In addition, please alert PGT for the protection of staff and students.
  • ~ Staff will be following the same screening procedures.


  • ~ We have created a one-way traffic flow in and out of the building. DROP-OFF is on North Broadway. Students will enter through PGT's Main Entrance. PICK-UP is on Main Street, by the courtyard. Students will exit through the Green Room door (nicknamed the "cold door" by our students, as it lets the cold air in during the winter when the Green Room gets hot!) which goes to the back stairs and directly out into the courtyard.
  • ~ There will be a hand sanitizer station right at the top of the stairs when students arrive. Students must wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival, and will be encouraged to wash/sanitize hands throughout their time at PGT.
  • ~ Social distancing will be observed.
  • ~ Masks must be worn.
  • ~ PGT has clear masks, which allow the full face to be seen, and which students and staff may opt to wear for all or part of class.
  • ~ For on camera work, (which could include On Camera class, Sketch Comedy, Teen Co, Young Actor Co, Virtual Stage, and College Audition) those operating the camera will wear masks and maintain at least 10 feet distance from those who are on camera. Those on camera may be maskless for only the time needed to perform.
  • ~ Parents and caregivers should wait in the car rather than coming into the PGT building, as we are trying to reduce traffic and numbers within the building.
  • ~ There are directional markings, distancing signs, and floor demarcations throughout the building to assist with our new traffic flow and social distancing policies.
  • ~ The building will be cleaned and disinfected between each in-person class day.
  • ~ If you are unable to attend the in-person component of your class, you may participate via Zoom. Please alert the staff so that we are prepared to facilitate your remote participation.

Please be on the lookout for follow up communications from PGT which may periodically update these safety requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We can’t wait to get into the theatre with you!

From a few more students

Thoughts they shared as they were graduating from PGT

You have taught me how to be a good friend and an even better person. You have taught me that theatre isn't just an art, it's a craft, in which every actor, director, designer, technician and production assistant is responsible for the success of the final product. You have taught me that no matter how many lines you recite or how many appearances you make, taking care of your fellow actors, your show, and your audience is really what counts. I feel so lucky to have experienced the magic you make possible every day. To have spent the rollercoaster of my youth in the creative play land you have built. ~ Brenne Rimberg

I will always bear in mind the lessons you have taught me - about being true to myself, about questioning and observing the world around me, about taking care of others, and about living in the moment. You have no idea what a profound impact PGT has had on my life. ~ Ross Baum

PGT has been worlds more than just learning how to act and sing. When I was younger, I was the shy, quiet girl. I really do believe that PGT was ultimately the reason that I was able to come out of my shell. For the first time, I felt like I was in a place where people were not judging me, and would appreciate me for my real self. All of this sounds corny, but it is the truth. ~ Sarah Stein

You taught me to take pride in my work and share it with others. ~ Kyle Moore

PGT is much more than actor training and Jill is much more than my director. PGT is life training and Jill has assumed the position of my life coach over the past decade. Her notes are not just "you missed a cross" or "don't mumble your lines." She tells us to listen, to react honestly, and to trust our instincts and impulses. While those notes maybe given in the context of the absurd musical theatre world of The Velveteen Rabbit or Chess, their universality and applicability to our life beyond the stage is always clear. ~ Naomi Riemer

What is truly unique to PGT is that you take us so seriously. That you have treated my seven-year-old and seventeen-year-old concerns as real problems is something that means so much to me - most people my age do not know what it's like to be taken seriously by adults whom they respect and who opinion they value so highly... You have instilled in me from such a young age drive to take every project seriously and treat every role, as well as every director, fellow actor, and technical member with respect. What you have taught me about life, friendship, responsibility, and the importance of living in the moment, has made me realize that it is possible to surround myself with people who support me wholeheartedly if I look hard enough. Thank you for helping me grow up. ~ Liza Pincus

Life learning experience...

When my daughter Madeline, age 11, expressed interest in taking acting lessons and performing in shows, I began my search for the right place to get her started. Having worked professionally in the theatre for 13 years, I had very specific standards I was looking for. I wanted a place where process was as highly valued as product, someplace where they would get to know themselves and others a little bit better. It had to be an environment that was nurturing, where they felt they could explore creatively without being judged, and, in so doing, gain confidence. It was a tall order, to be sure, but I looked around at what was available and was delighted when I found PGTheatre. If I could have designed a children’s theatre experience myself — this would be it! I now have two daughters involved at PGTheatre, Madeline and Susannah, and they both feel they have a very special home away from home there. And, if I tried to sum up how my daughters’ lives have been enriched by PGT… well, I would have to say that it has been the single greatest life learning experience we have been able to give them.

Carol Scheffler

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