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The Pen + The Sword

Discovering the World of Shakespeare + Stage Combat!

We’ve combined PGT Camp’s two favorite classes to create the perfect two week program!

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The Pen + The Sword at The Play Group Theatre

The Pen + The Sword

Take a deep dive into the world of Shakespeare and discover the hilarity, the tragedy, and all the hidden clues that the Bard left for his actors once you get inside all those words! PGT’s The Pen + The Sword will include include Stage Combat classes, covering hand-to-hand combat and basic sword play. In rehearsals, emphasis will be placed on analyzing and physicalizing Shakespeare’s text, voice work, and creating an ensemble.

PGT’s the Pen + the Sword Special Event is a trip to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival! We’ll picnic on the lawn and enjoy a show under the tent! Not to be missed!

Final Showcase: Shakespeare in the Plaza, featuring performances by our Shakespeare/Combat students in the Plaza right outside PGT!

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Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:00pm


The Pen + The Sword
Aug 3 - Aug 14, 2020

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