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May. 17, 2012 by Marina Lebowich

And the Winner is...

Spring Break 2012

Spring break was never this fun! But this year, I spent it at PGT…taking the PGT Spring Break Challenge!

Who knew what fun would come in the biggest game of “Find Lucinda the Rat” in PGT history! And a master class with John Treacy Egan, what could be cooler?! John is so nice and we all learned so much from him.

But on to the serious stuff…the competition! At the beginning of the week teams were chosen: our themes were Lovers and Clowns and each team had to write an original play based on their theme. At the end of the week, we would perform our plays for an audience and a panel of judges…including John Treacy Egan! Intensity filled the building. As the week progressed the title of Spring Break Champion seemed closer and closer. But only one could win! Each day new challenges awaited us…which made things tricky, surprising and very, very funny! By Friday our newly written plays were ready to be judged. Both plays blew the panel away but there could only be one winner……. The Clowns!! A great experience was had by all and even though us Lovers “lost” we were still Winners in our hearts.

Thank you to Steve and Erin for leading this amazing event.

P.S. Solly, stop scaring Steve

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