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April. 4, 2012 by Josh Ackerman

Tin Man or Garbage Can?

Becoming the Tin Man

As some of you may know I am currently in the show “The Wizard of Oz” and I play the part of the Tin Man. When I walked into rehearsal I thought it was just going to be a normal one with some “ha ha ha’s” and some “ho ho ho’s” in the merry old Land of Oz. I was completely wrong. As I walked in I passed by the office and said hi to Jill. Jeff walked by and told me to come with him. So I followed him and he led me up to a garbage can. I thought “What are we going to do with a garbage can?” He told me to get in.

I said “You want me to get in?” He repeated “Get in.” So I got in and asked “Is this used?” He told me “No, I just bought it at the store earlier today. I still didn’t believe him and was still grossed out about being in a garbage can and I finally asked “What is this for?” He explained that it would be my costume. “Oh” I said “but how am I supposed to move? There is nowhere to put my arms!”

He then told me to come with him into the green room, and of course Jill needed to take some pictures so she came along too. Then we tried out the garbage can in many ways on me. It was pretty awkward. So I modeled a little bit for Jill and her camera (When she finally figured out how to work it!)

So Dan came by and said he didn’t like it the way it was on me so we fixed it but Jeff didn’t like it that way. So they argued for a while until Jeff finally won because he was the actual costume designer. We tried it on some more and it seemed good so he told me to get to rehearsal.

After my rehearsal he told me to come with him. “Oh boy” I thought “what next, a recycling bin?” When I got back into the green room there was no recycling bin, just the same old garbage can this time with arm holes. So I put it on and my arms fit through perfectly. Then he put these football shoulder pads on me which weigh a ton. It was funny because I am an actor not a football player! If I tried playing football I would probably be too scared of getting attacked I would run away screaming. Just then a group of girls came in to get a drink of water and they spotted me and came to watch. After we tried it out a few more ways, it was time to go.

So I said “Goodbye” and left. I thought to myself “That was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought I would get to rehearsal and be told to get into a garbage can. It was a crazy thing.” So if you guys want to come see me on stage in “The Wizard of Oz” singing and dancing in a garbage can, I would love for you to come. Tickets are selling fast so buy them soon!

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