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Getting The Works! at PGT

Sword Fight R&J

We were so excited to go to the first ever PGT Stage Combat Workshop! In all the shows we have performed in, none have given us the opportunity to learn, practice, or perform stage combat. This was our big chance to really learn all about this awesome new skill…..and even perform it!

At the workshop, the amazing Erin and the awesome Steve taught everybody how to do the basic stage fighting elements. A SLAP! A PUNCH! They also taught cooler stuff like….SWORD FIGHTING!!!!!!!! It was SO cool!

Naturally, we paired up (to take each other to the grave!!) to learn the techniques of stage fighting and later also paired up to choreograph a fight scene. This was our favorite part. Why? Because we picked SWORD FIGHTING!!!!!! Our characters that we made up were old people!!!!!! Our short scene was so weird that it actually worked. There we were, pretending to be old people in a nursing home coughing away, limping around, and killing each other with sticks (swords)! It was so much fun and so ridiculous!

Aside from all the fighting…..WHICH WAS SO COOL….we made some new friends. Some of our PGT friends were there, but many were kids we didn’t know. But fighting together helped create the PGT bond we all know and love. We both agree that although we were killing each other through the art of stage combat, we were in an environment that we felt safe and secure in. We all had each other’s backs while we were learning and performing. That was what truly made this workshop memorable.

We are both so excited to take the techniques that we learned that day and put them to use in our acting lives. We can’t wait to have an opportunity to use them in coming performances. We now have the basics to build on to hopefully become stage combat experts!

PGT’s The Works! Workshop was awesome. In just one afternoon, we were able to learn a whole new discipline! We can’t wait for the next round of The Works! which will be an Improv workshop on April 1st. We know we will be there…no fooling!

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