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May. 14, 2012 by Ilana Abusch

Remote Control Chicken

Remote Control Chicken

Being Jill and Steven’s daughter has its benefits, but it also has some… moments. For example, when I was little I had a doll called Rolling Rachel. It was a remote control toy of a roller skating girl. I had instantly named her Rolling Allie after my PGT hero at the time Allie Sperling. I loved it and played with it all the time. One season at PGT they did Into the Woods, Starmites, The Larmie Project and A Year With Frog and Toad. My dad needed to make a chicken that could go onstage by itself for Into the Woods. So, he came up to me and said, “Ilana, can I use Rolling Allie as a chicken for Into the Woods?” I thought to myself, Well I can’t be in shows because I’m still too young, but Rolling Allie can! So, I said yes. I went to sleep and in the morning my dad got me and told me, “Hey, Ilana, look at Rolling Allie. She’s a chicken!” I suddenly changed my mind and started bawling and screamed, “Noooo!! I don’t want Rolling Allie to be a chicken!!”, but after a lot of saying things like, “It’s just like she’s in costume for the show” and a promise that my new Rolling Allie was on the way, I finally was okay with it. Soon I got my new Rolling Allie. When I saw Rolling Allie (Chicken Version) in the show, I felt good that I did my part for the show. Of course, the new Rolling Rachel (Allie 2) broke soon after that.

So, time passed and PGT is doing Into the Woods again and guess what? We have the chicken, but we only have the remote from the second Rolling Rachel! So… WE GOT ANOTHER ROLLING RACHEL!!! Unfortunately, this is only for the show. The chicken had a little bit of surgery and the “costume” was transferred to the new Rolling Rachel. I was hoping to play with it at least once before it got chicken-ated… but I didn’t.

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