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Audition for PGT's new Virtual Stage this season and discover the magic of PGT's one-of-a-kind immersive theatre experience. The PGT team has adapted the MainStage program to meet this moment - and you won't want to miss it! As always, our unique artistic and educational philosophy pervades rehearsals, allowing an intensive yet collaborative and joyous spirit to flourish among students and staff.

With a careful selection of shows that are sure to transcend the virtual space, PGT's Virtual Stage offers a truly creative, fun-filled experience for young actors.

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Virtual Stage

PGT brings you the excitement and immersion of a Mainstage rehearsal process in a new in-person/online hybrid program.

When you audition for the PGT Virtual Stage, you begin a journey in which you will:

  • Be part of a CREATIVE LEARNING COMMUNITY. Our students grow - physically and artistically! - from season to season....indeed from rehearsal to rehearsal. In the Virtual Stage program, you will be immersed in PGT's unique artistic and educational philosophy, in which all of the joys and challenges of being a young artist are brought center stage.
  • COLLABORATE with a group of exceptional and enthusiastic young artists. At PGT, a true collaborative spirit flourishes. Our emphasis is on allowing each individual voice to be heard by creating a strong group dynamic. Life-long friendships are made at PGT.
  • Have your creative process guided by dedicated TEACHERS and MENTORS. Our staff is made up of artists and educators who understand the balance of creating a challenging yet nurturing environment in which each student can flourish. At PGT, we know that students will only gain the benefits ascribed to arts education by participating in an authentic arts experience - while maintaining all its rich complexity, everything is infused with the joy and fun that kids bring to the theatre!

Balancing the rigors of school work with their rehearsal schedule, young actors can count on the Virtual Stage program for an innovative arts experience - one that will explore the virtual arena while focusing on building a supportive community of fellow artists.

Join us on the Virtual Stage this season!

HYBRID: Each cast will split their time between online rehearsals, and in-person at PGT. Performances will be virtual.  About PGT Hybrid Programs >>


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Fall 2020 Days/Times

Two rehearsals per week (Days TBD with casting)


Fall 2020 Season September through December
Auditions: September 13
Callbacks: Week of September 20

PGT Hybrid Programs

These programs will have both an online and an in-person component. Please read each program description for more information. Hybrid programs are open to all students, even if you are unable to attend in person. Students will be able to participate fully remotely in these programs, so if you are not ready to be in the building, or if you are feeling under the weather on an in-person day, you can still participate in the in-person component via remote access.

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