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Musical Theatre Boot Camp

It's time to become a Triple Threat!

Musical Theatre Dance: Ages 8-12, 13+
Musical Theatre Voice: Ages 8-12, 13+

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Musical Theatre Boot Camp

If you plan to audition for - and perform in! - musicals, it is essential that you are able to sing AND dance... and have fun doing them both... all while acting your face off! Well, FINALLY, PGT is launching what every young actor needs: The PGT Musical Theatre Boot Camp!!

MT Boot Camp will be offered in two distinct components: Dance and Voice. Students are encouraged to take both components for the full MT Boot Camp experience, but may also take each class separately.

Learn songs and dance combos from the Broadway repertoire as you work on expanding your range and technical abilities. Classes will be rigorous (because it’s Boot Camp!) and fun (because it’s PGT!). Students will have the opportunity to request repertoire selections.

ONLINE: Jump into Musical Theatre online for Fall 2020.

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Tuesdays and Wednesdays (1 or 2 days/week)

Musical Theatre Dance Ages 13+  Tuesdays 6-7pm  

Musical Theatre Voice Ages 13+  Wednesdays 6-7pm

Musical Theatre Voice Ages 8-12  Tuesdays 6-7pm  

Musical Theatre Dance Ages 8-12  Wednesdays 6-7pm  


Fall Session 1 begins September 29 and ends November 4.

Fall Session 2 begins December 1 and ends January 20.


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