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The Power of "Yes... AND!"

YES! We're moving PGT Improv online... AND balancing our computers on a parade of pink elephants... Why not? It's Improv! Immerse yourself in the fun, unpredictable, and wild world of Improv!

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PGT's Improv focuses on making quick choices and following each unique creative impulse to the fullest. All the rules of Improv are covered over the course of the season, and students get the opportunity to perform in a live virtual Improv Showcase!

Final Showcase: our very own Night at the Improv, featuring our Improv Troupe Live on Zoom!

ONLINE: Enjoy Improv online for Fall 2020.

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Fall 2020 Session 1:
September 30 through November 4, 2020

Fall 2020 Session 2:
December 2 through Jan 20, 2021

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