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Community Connection

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In this challenging time, it is more important than ever to create moments of joy and share a little PGT Magic! PGT students think outside the box and find new ways to work together and connect with the community.

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Community Connection

A highlight of the PGT programming calendar has always been our Community Cabaret program. What makes it so special is that it is all the good PGT things put together in one place: PGTers singing joyfully together, and taking that joy out into the community for the benefit of others. Our motto: give it away with love!

So, we are in a tough spot. The very things that make Com Cab so special are the hardest to accomplish right now: Singing together. Gathering together to visit groups - often the most vulnerable populations. At the same time, right now is when we need Com Cab the most.

So, we are launching PGT Community Connection. For those who value all the things that we accomplish together through the Com Cab program, we hope you will join us as we come together to figure out what IS possible during this time. We want your voice to weigh in as we figure out together how we can continue to serve the community in that special PGT way.

During our first meeting, we will brainstorm ideas, and by our second meeting, we will be off and running!
HYBRID: The program will include performance and service components, and will have both online and in-person meetings.  About PGT Hybrid Programs >>


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Fall session 1 begins October 18 and ends December 6

Spring session 1 begins January 31 and ends March 21

Spring session 2 begins April 11 and ends June 6

PGT Hybrid Programs

These programs will have both an online and an in-person component. Please read each program description for more information. Hybrid programs are open to all students, even if you are unable to attend in person. Students will be able to participate fully remotely in these programs, so if you are not ready to be in the building, or if you are feeling under the weather on an in-person day, you can still participate in the in-person component via remote access.

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