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In an audition, you will most likely need a rehearsed monologue. In a monologue, one character speaks alone, perhaps giving insight into the characters personal thoughts. The character may be speaking to another silent character (which, for an audition, may be imagined at the back of the house). In any case, you as an actor will be trying to get an important idea across for your character.

At auditions for The Play Group Theatre, each young actor is expected to have a prepared monologue 1-2 minutes in length.

Here are some sample monologues, each 1-2 minutes in length. They have been written for/used in PGT shows, and can be used for auditions. Students and actors may use these monologues without requesting rights if used for an audition or classroom exercise. Performance rights only need to be applied for if used for performance to an audience. They are copyrighted material. You must request
performance rights or permission to print multiple copies from The Play Group Theatre.

There are a number of good books that are a collection of monologues which you may be able to find at the library, bookstore or even online. Monologue collections include:

  • Humorous Monologues by Martha Bolton
  • Humorous Monologues by Vernon Linwood Howard
  • Encore! More Winning Monologues by Peg Kehret
  • Acting Natural: Monologues for Teens by Peg Kehret
  • Winning Monologues for Young Actors by Peg Kehret
  • Monologues for Young Actors by Lorraine Cohen
  • 100 Monologues: An Audition Sourcebook by Laura Harrington
  • 50 Great Monologues for Student Actors by Bill Majeski

To purchase other monologue books online, visit Part of the proceeds of your purchase through this link will benefit our children's programs.

Sheet Music

For sheet music, you may be able to find your audition songs online at and or order and download sheet music to your computer at or If you would like to find a specific show tune, try this A-Z selection at Broadway Sheet Music.

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